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For serious seekers of liberation, it’s time to upgrade your reality.

You have been on the journey for a while, but are you living your FULL POTENTIAL?

Even with therapy or coaching behind you, you sense an untapped potential inside that is ready to be liberated. This potency lies below the surface of awareness, safe from your familiar habits.

Are you truly willing to see and feel it? What will you do with your magnificence and power, once it’s free to express authentically?

Did you know that many beliefs and behaviors are so well hidden because they literally become embedded in your body  — tucked beneath the shadows of the psyche and ordinary perception. Therefore, an expanded perceptual shift is required to identify the roots and reprogram the patterns.

This is why “understanding” challenges does not result in change — you must feel and move through them physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. This includes releasing the grasp of outworn stories and identities in order to evolve.

The combination of modalities I provide amplifies your felt sense of embodied consciousness for profound and lasting change. 

I guide you in mindful practices like energywork, embodiment, and spiritual development, alongside practical life tools. These may be complimented by sacred mushrooms, to clear out stagnant blocks and move you towards self-liberation and sovereignty.

Support and benefits you can look forward to:

  • Develop self-mastery in a learning and growth process that is tailored to where you are in your journey, then takes you beyond the limits of your comfort zone.
  • Make meaningful changes to get your life direction on point and improve long-term wellbeing, without wasting valuable time, money, and energy.
  • Dive below conditioning, limitations, and trauma to unlock what’s essential to align with for nourishment, abundance, loving relationships, and meaningful work.
  • Discover hidden personal gems that will bring more authenticity, wholeness, and ease into every facet of your life, so you magnetically attract what’s right for you.
  • Expand and envision new possibilities, then act with grounded confidence to anchor your self-worth in the real world through heart-mind-body coherence.
  • Decipher subtle realms of energy and vibration to master your choices and develop your superpowers of intuition and spiritual connection to guide you.

Experience the flow and fulfillment of your creative life force in action.

Lead an inspired and authentic life in alignment with universal truth and personal sovereignty.


Give and receive abundantly when you’re ignited by spirit with meaning and purpose.


Does this sound like you? Let’s connect.

Desire to learn practical and spiritual tools, alongside mushroom practices.


Are willing to be an active co-creative participant in an initiatory change process.


Understand your challenges and ego, so we can address hidden patterns in the deep psyche and energy field.

Willing to step through discomfort and confront yourself with decisive action.


Value personal sovereignty and taking self-responsibility for your life.


Want highly-trained support and guidance delivered in a traditional wise woman, non-clinical format. 

Love Notes from Clients

Looking for Group Support and Learning?

The Luminous Guide: Illuminate the Guide Inside

The Luminous Guide offers group apprenticeship in soul-centered, life enhancing practices that expand your consciousness to reveal truth and wholeness – your Inner Guiding Light.

I’ve supported hundreds of clients across many different modalities, to achieve significant results.

Over 12 years in the Healing Arts, I have trained and studied among the finest. Intuition and sacred technologies guide my work — here’s the download on my approach. 

  • Spirit-led approach steeped in deep listening and intuition, matched by exceptional skill.
  • Individual sessions that are structured through an organic, co-created process.
  • Consultation and guidance to develop practical skillsets and effective navigation methods in partnership with you at every step of your journey.
  • Trauma and psychologically informed within a multi-disciplinary format steeped somatics, science, metaphysics, and east-west wisdom traditions.
  • Creative and engaging methods of discovery, visioning, and embodiment.
  • Depth and breadth of training and experience to skillfully guide you through personal transformation supporting a developmental uplevel beyond state shift.

About Nicole

I have been devoted to my path as a Healing Artist for over twelve years,My professional credentials include Master of Arts in Body Psychotherapy, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Somatic Movement Therapist. Additionally, I have completed thousands of hours of continuing education and experience supporting clients with a variety of modalities. I also specialize in guiding others with the transformative power of mushroom allies for healing and growth.

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I foraged my first mushrooms 30 years ago; pychedelic experiences are not new to me. My sense of creative curiosity has brought me to success, dark places, and ultimately landed me in an intentional, purpose-filled life.

Initially, it wasn’t the mushrooms or psychedelics that were most profound for me. It was a body and spiritual awakening in Bali that changed the course of my life twelve years ago. When I came back around to the mushrooms, tremendous changes were already underway. Fungi and plant medicine took me deeper. 

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Master of Arts

Somatic Counseling Psychology / Body Psychotherapy

Naropa University


Mushroom Mentor

Energy Practitioner

Shamanic Practitioner

Somatic Movement Therapist

Massage Therapist

Yoga Therapy Practitioner

Ready to shift your reality?