Embodied Journey Foundations: The Art of Self-Guided Mushroom Journeys

The Luminous Guide

Embodied Journey Foundations: The Art of Self-Guided Journeys

September 11 – October 16

Sundays @ 4pm MT

6-Weeks Online Group Immersion – by application

Learn effective methods for self-guided mushroom journeys with live guidance, education, and a container of support.  This is a 6-weeks online immersion where you will learn ways to maximize the benefits of low-mid range mushroom journeys. This is NOT an introductory course for those unfamiliar with mushroom basics, rather it is intended to take your practice further and become your own best guide. I have created a foundational framework to prepare, experience, and integrate in a meaningful and accessible format, using methods that I have developed over the years of working with clients (and myself).

This is the first offering from the new learning and inspirational website platform I’ve created to offer group membership based education, The Luminous Guide