The Dream Body Temple

Traveling Healing Artistry

The Dream Body Temple is an exquisite traveling temple space available for private events and retreats.

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You have envisioned a beautiful experience for the guests at your private event, retreat, training or festival.  


Have you considered making a healing space available to them, where they can fully unwind and receive impeccable care?


The Dream Body Temple is a safe and serene sanctuary available for your guests to receive private sessions in any available modalities.

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Nicole transforms her tent into a sensual temple space on-site at your event, to become a sacred healing sanctuary for you and your guests.


Choose from a full medicine bag of available modalities to bring to your guests. All can be made available or you may select from just a few.


Soma-Sensory Process


Sensual Explorations


Shadow/Light Work

Emotional Healing

Parts Work

Expressive Arts

Authentic Relating


Energy Work

Sound Healing

Active Meditation



Guided Journeys


Shamanic Technologies

Ritual & Ceremony

Sacred Medicines


How much does The Dream Body Temple cost?


A $150 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your dates.

There is a minimum guarantee of $400 per day to have The Dream Temple at your space.  

This means that at minimum, your guests will schedule and receive $400 in services for each day the temple is on-site. 

If your guests do not meet the minimum in booked services, you will still be responsible to pay the balance that is not covered. (For example, $350 in services were arranged by your clients – you would pay the remaining $50 balance). 


There is no charge to bring The Dream Body Temple to your festival. We reserve the right to evaluate all events to determine if they are a right fit for The Dream Body Temple experience.


How much are sessions in The Dream Body Temple?

We can discuss pricing during your consultation call. 

Pricing is usually offered on a sliding scale of $120-200 per hour, which is all inclusive of service, materials, and gratuities. 

We can also have a fixed price so all guests pay the same rate.

What Healing Artists are available for sessions?

Nicole Lilly is the owner, visionary, and lead Healing Artist for The Dream Body Temple. 

Additional practitioners may be brought in depending upon your needs.

For example, Four Hands Temple Massage would require an additional bodywork professional who is comfortable working in tandem with Nicole. 


How much setup / tear down time do you need?

Full setup and tear-down takes about 3-hours. 

In order to prepare for your event, we request to arrive at your location at least 4-hours prior to the first guest who will receive services. (Ex. 8am arrival for 12pm session)

How far in advance do I need to schedule The Dream Body Temple?

We appreciate as much advance notice as possible so we can coordinate our schedule appropriately. 

At minimum, 2 weeks notice is usually required. There may be exceptions depending on availability, so don’t hesitate to reach out to inquire at any time. 


Where does The Dream Body Temple travel to?

The primary service area is located in the following states:
North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington D.C., Georgia, Tennessee

The Dream Body Temple is available to travel up to a 16-hour radius of Asheville, NC for the right opportunity (multi-day retreats and minimum guarantees). 

We even cross the border and can bring The Dream Body Temple to eastern Canada. 


How do I get started if I think I’d like to book?

To get started, schedule an initial 20-minute consultation call to review your needs.  We will initiate next steps including holding your dates, collecting deposit, and completing agreement paperwork afterwards.