Golden Rays


Liberate your Limitations through an intentionally guided transformation journey.

What if you could access more of your true potential, with greater clarity?

How would it feel to be supported in a transformational container where you dive below the surface of conditioning and trauma, and in doing so, bring forward the essence of your true nature? In this transformative period, we navigate expanded terrain to help you discover, remember, and live from your unique Soul Blueprint.

This is shadow work and light work, coming together. By integrating all parts of your authentic self, you have an opportunity to live with more wholeness and ease in everyday life. This improves all facets of your body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Nicole’s methods of guidance are centered in Ancient Practices, Earth Wisdom, Esoteric Embodiment, and Consciousness Development.

Individual sessions are tailored to each person’s specific needs and guided through an organically unfolding, co-created process. No two people or sessions are exactly the same. If we are to awaken your unique blueprint, you need an approach just for you. 

Nicole’s offerings are intended for those who are ready to embark upon non-conventional methods of discovery, visioning, and embodiment and who are sufficiently skilled and resourced to go into the depths of soul. These sessions are trauma and psychologically informed, yet multi-disciplinary in format and approach. 

Every step of your journey – preparation, expedition, emergence – is developed in partnership with you. If you are seeking a genuine Guide, rather than someone to act as a sitter or psychotherapist, the breadth and depth of Nicole’s experience will be obvious. 

The Luminous Guide: Illuminate the Guide Inside

Looking for online immersive group offerings? Check out the new learning platform Nicole created, The Luminous Guide.

The Luminous Guide offers apprenticeship in soul-centered, life enhancing practices that expand your consciousness to reveal truth and wholeness – your Inner Guiding Light.

Ready to put in the time, energy, and resources to shift your reality?


Nicole Lilly, MA, LMT

Visionary Experience Guide

Integrative Somatic-Spiritual Practitioner

Educator + Mentor


Meet Nicole Lilly

Embodiment. Energy. Elements. Entheogens.

These are central access points to supporting my clients holistically through expanded states of consciousness. As your Guide and Consciousness Mentor, I dive into the alchemy of transformation with you, where we ally with your shadow, process trauma, open to new resources, claim your Inner Healer, and connect with nature and spirit to bring about your highest and most authentic expression.

I have been devoted to my path as a Healing Artist and somatic-spiritual practitioner for over a decade, studying with master teachers and mentors to amplify my innate abilities. My professional credentials include Master of Arts in Body Psychotherapy, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Somatic Movement Therapist. Additionally, I have completed thousands of hours of continuing education and experience supporting clients with a variety of mind-body-spiritual modalities.

I have committed years to working in wellness and ceremonial settings, providing experiential healing and facilitation to individuals and groups. With an established and successful private practice in Colorado, I also travel as a facilitator and presenter in the U.S. and abroad.

I am an active community advocate for holistic healing and a planet + people-first model for the decriminalization of all natural plants and fungi, along with our right to grow, share, and commune with them without regulation or interference from establishment policies.

Recently, I created and launched a learning and inspiration platform to serve more people through online immersions. The Luminous Guide is my response to the issues of accessibility and scalability for our ailing world.

My background in Experience Design, Vision, and Strategy paired with my role as an educator and mentor in the the healing arts, compliments my ability to support the advancement of your development through masterful mentorship

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