Mentorship for Healing Artists & Therapists

For Healing Artists, Therapists, Coaches, and Guides who are ready to step outside the box and bring a full circle approach to your practice.

Are you a professional therapist, coach, guide, facilitator, or bodyworker and feel you’re capable of more?

There may be days you experience burnout or boredom, lacking in the satisfaction that once motivated you, or the feeling of freedom you dream of. You desire to be more effective AND fulfilled.

You question how to label yourself professionally because the titles don’t fully fit, even if they lend credibility. So you carry on with what you know because it feels less risky than an identity shift.

All the while, you hide some of your gifts because you’re afraid your clients or professional community won’t get it.

While you are skilled at what you do, you’re ready to expand as a multi-disciplinary practitioner. To honor your clients in a skillful, sacred process – body, mind, heart, spirit.

Receive the professional and personal support you deserve in the next phase of your journey in the healing arts.

Attract clients doing work you truly love to provide while prioritizing your own well-being and spiritual growth.

“You aren’t meant to work in boxes, you’re here to help heal the Sacred Hoop.”

~ Message from Nicole’s Guides, 2021 ~

Who is this for?

  • You are early in your healing arts career and want to receive mentorship centering a holistic frame that will help you expand into a larger toolbox.
  • Experienced therapists or coaches seeking competence in weaving somatic, energetic, and spiritual practices into your approach.
  • Healing Artists who are ready to walk between the worlds and be a bridge between the everyday and the extraordinary.
  • Open to intuitive ways of knowing, merged with science, without all the bloat of a clinical paradigm.
  • Interested to integrate a creative and intelligent approach to psychedelics that will differentiate you from the masses attending online group trainings.
  • Those who want mentorship inclusive of their whole Self - to support you in both the professional and personal realms.

What can you expect?

  • Reflection around your values, energy management, practice habits, blind spots, and vision to help you identify the type of practice you truly desire.
  • Experiential practices woven into your sessions so you can create from a space of direct knowing rather than theory.
  • A framework and language that can apply to different practice styles and client needs - fluency between the ordinary and mythic.
  • Developing your personal style in sessions, beyond cognitive and talk-oriented approaches.
  • Ethics and safety considerations within non-verbal and expanded states, and the unique considerations and approaches to include psychedelics beyond the eye mask.
  • A whole person approach that considers the totality of you as a unique individual inside your practice and business. All of you is welcomed.

Devote yourself to the expansion you seek.

Mentorship is offered in 3-month / quarterly increments

Start with a Professional Consultation Session

Get straight to the heart of your needs with an initial 60-minutes Consultation Session including an intake questionnaire. We will apply methods right away and vision a plan to move you forward.

Anchor Your Practice with Consistency

To truly make an impact, consistency is queen. We will meet for 2 times per month for 3-months, which you may renew. You will also receive unlimited Signal messaging support between sessions.

Monthly Group Call for Sharing and Support

A monthly call will be offered to dive into professional and personal topics with other Healing Artists. Small group size allows for personal sharing with other attendees.

$222 to initiate your 60-Minute Professional Consultation Session

$550 monthly for a 3-month support plan

(Note: If it doesn’t feel like a good fit following the initial Vision Session, there is no obligation for either of us to move forward.)

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Add to your Journey with a Private Immersive Spiritual Retreat

After years of guiding entheogenic sessions, I have come to see how incomplete the dominant facilitation and support models are.

To receive the most from sacred earth medicines, they must be integrated within a larger transformative process.

Learn More about weaving in a Private Immersive Shamanic Retreat.

Happy Clients

“Nicole, you’ve been there for me through it all. You help me lose my mind, find it, and then lose it again. You’re a warrior, a goddess, and you are a true friend in the greatest sense of the word. Thank you for sharing your Self with me.”