Indulge your body and senses in with a one-of -a-kind Shamanic Spa ceremonial treatment experience!

This is a half day (3.5-4hrs) of pure rejuvenation and bliss that includes a personalized combination of the following elements:

  • Botanical and mushroom tea
  • Check-in dialogue
  • Guided Meditation, Breath, and Sound
  • Infrared Amethyst Tourmaline Mat Treatment
  • Full Body Dry Brushing
  • Custom Infused Botanical Hot Oil Body Wrap
  • Bodywork and Energywork incorporated into your time on the table

Rebirth yourself in this unique treatment bringing together the best of my spa and shamanic techniques. You will detoxify at all levels as you journey into a cocoon of bliss. This is not to be missed!

Special Sliding Scale Price – $500-$700

Friday or Sunday appointments only.

A Shamanic Spa treatment in process. The “Cocoon Womb” body wrap phase.

Shamanic Spa Treatments with Nicole Lilly


Wild Wander sessions are the perfect extended Psychedelic Integration session.

While useful and appealing for any gender, these sessions seem to be especially effective for Men. 

We meet at a trail near Denver (within a 20-40 minute drive) and wander the trails and mountain ecosystem to ground your psychedelic experience and place it within a larger framework of consciousness.

During the Wild Wander, we will engage in:  

  • 2.5 Hours of wild wandering and nature dialogue
  • Native herb and plant identification and interaction
  • Activities to source the wisdom of the ecosystem, and apply it to your life integration process.
  • Optional Cannabis or Microdosing 

These are really special sessions that bring forward my lifelong embodiment as a naturalist, combined with teachings I have gained through nature-based ceremonies and practices. 

Fridays or Mondays

Special Sliding Scale Price – $400-$500

A recent wander with a program I attended through Animas Valley Institute

Wild Wander Sessions in Colorado mountains