Intuitive Guidance & Embodied Spiritual Mentorship

Are you at a crossroads in Life?

Step over the threshold with Intuitive Guidance & Embodied Spiritual Mentorship.

Are you preparing to cross the threshold of a major life change?

Is there something in your life that feels off, yet you have doubt and fear as you question moving forward?

Have you been feeling like you are stuck, spinning, or hit a plateau and unsure of how to proceed?

Perhaps you’re in a Dark Night of the Soul, unable to clearly feel your way through?

Maybe you received a big “download” of insight and you’re unsure how to fully interpret it into meaningful action steps that are values-aligned?

Sometimes life asks you to lose your mind so you can find your Soul.

Having a solid and experienced support team can help you successfully bridge the gap from present to future with more satisfaction and ease.

Let’s attune your vision with clarified values, intentions, and actions.

Receive assistance to move past subconscious blocks and tune into your Higher Guidance for direction, then EMBODY it with courageous action. 

I will assist you in clearing and activating your intuitive centers and field so you can take steps that are aligned and purpose-full for your unique path.

These intentionally paced sessions can take you from confusion and uncertainty towards inner knowing and resilience.

Identify challenging emotions, fear, and self-doubt then move directly towards them with divine neutrality, curiosity, and courage.

I’ll walk the path with you and offer long-lasting skills that help you navigate emergent terrain as the sovereign leader of your life.

When you are on the precipice of initiating an unknown life path, it can feel overwhelming and chaotic.

Everything is at stake — your identity, vocation, home life, relationships — can all shift simultaneously and feel like you’re losing ground.

“It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

~ J. Krishnamurti ~

Who is this for?

  • You are at a crossroads in life and looking for grounded and purpose-full orientation in your direction.
  • Called to methods beyond the Therapy and Coaching to include Energy and Spirit.
  • Open to receive intuitive messages, strengthen your intuition, and apply in daily life.
  • Looking to prepare and/or integrate a major life event, psychedelic experience, or upcoming change.
  • Want to receive reflection and experiential education on how to effectively identify and apply energetics to your life.
  • Ready to take courageous action steps in your life aligned with the insights you receive.
  • Desire a mature and seasoned Guide who can understand the life journey from many facets of experience.
  • Recognize the life journey as an organically unfolding process and willing to commit to your growth for a period of months.

What can you expect?

  • Take steps that move you across the threshold towards the next leg of your life journey with more confidence and ease, while limiting time wasted in fear and sabotage.
  • Identify challenges, blocks, and beliefs at the root of your issue so you can own and integrate what’s holding you back.
  • Open to somatic, energetic and non-rational information to receive messages and insights.
  • Learn to discern intuition from wounding and ego so you can take steady action and observe results.
  • Recommended skills and tools to practice outside of sessions in order align with personal values and construct meaningful actions.
  • Create a healthy focused foundation and a simplified plan for how best to move forward.
  • Hone a relationship with your inner knowing, so you can make decisive choices in the face of challenge.
  • Develop a trusted partnership with your support team who can help you see your gifts, blind spots, and opportunities.

Flexible Support to Adapt with Your Shifting Needs

An Intentional Rebirth Period of 9-Months

Start with a Vision Session

Get straight to the heart of your needs with an initial 60-minutes Vision Session including an intake questionnaire. We will apply methods right away and vision a plan to move you forward.

Anchor with Consistency

To truly make an impact, consistency is queen. We will meet for 2 times per month for 3-months, which you may renew. You will also receive unlimited Signal messaging support between sessions.

Monthly Group Call for Sharing & Support

A monthly call will be offered to dive into with other Healing Artists and those who are engaged in Healing and transformation. Small group size allows for personal sharing with other attendees.

$222 to initiate your 60-Minutes Vision Session

$550 monthly for a 3-month support plan

(Note: If it doesn’t feel like a good fit following the initial Vision Session, there is no obligation for either of us to move forward. You’ll be asked to enter into a minimum 3-month committed container if we do move forward.)

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Add to your Journey with a Private Immersive Shamanic Retreat

After years of guiding entheogenic sessions, I have come to see how incomplete the dominant facilitation and support models are.

To receive the most from sacred earth medicines, they must be integrated within a larger transformative process.

Learn More about weaving in a Private Immersive Shamanic Retreat.

Happy Clients

“Nicole, you’ve been there for me through it all. You help me lose my mind, find it, and then lose it again. You’re a warrior, a goddess, and you are a true friend in the greatest sense of the word. Thank you for sharing your Self with me.”