Mercury Retrograde

There’s a saying from Ram Dass “If you think you’re enlightened, go spend a week with your family.”

I’m on my 10th of 12 days visiting family in the deep south of the Alabama coastal region, and all is remarkably calm and well.

This summer, I set an intention to start shifting my practice so I could be more available for ailing and aging family members.

Afterall, how beneficial is it to receive instructions to help “heal the sacred hoop” if I can’t provide care for my own circle of loved ones?

<< These are just a few messages I’ve received from my spiritual endeavors including fungi and plant allies, which are excellent ancestral healing teachers.>>

No More Hiding.

For years, I did my best to hide or downplay the location of my upbringing.

The cultural history and predominant worldviews did not accommodate my ego’s desire to be seen as a counter-cultural intellectual with liberal beliefs.

My oh my… how many labels could I possibly invoke in my storyline to protect me from feeling inferior?How much of this inferiority fear was mine, and how much did I inherit?

These questions just scratch the surface of ancestral healing work

There were endless protective strategies I used over the years to cover up my epigenetic wounds. 

Questionable self-worth was definitely NOT the image I intended to portray.

I did a pretty good job of masking it, until I hit bottom and started to unravel my story and reweave a new one. 

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All Our Relations

Our ancestral connection includes our bloodline, and has much greater breadth than our human genome.

It’s the Earth and Heavens that tie us all together, bonded as siblings from the same Source.

In native cultures, every one of Earth’s creatures is seen as sentient, sacred kin. Of course, they are “all our relations.”

The modern world is misconstrued by the vibration of confusion, chaos, anger, disempowerment, and fear. This can dominate the airwaves and be felt, especially by those of us with keen sense perception.

To find harmony with your ancient lineage that reaches back to the land before the dawn of time, turn to the Earth. She is unconditionally loving and infallible. 

Slow down and attune to her heartbeat (electromagnetic field) and allow your own breath and heart to synchronize with this timeless wisdom of the Great Mother. 

We are wired for this level of connection and care.


Universal Love

Our fungi and plant friends are here to assist in this process. The elementals are inherent in who we are, for every living thing shares the same substrate of existence.

Far beyond our stories, universal truth is discovered. Then, we can all see one another through fresh eyes as Love. 

Surrender. Fall into Grace. Lay it all down. Let yourself be held.

When you’re ready, the task is to unshackle your heart, open your mind, and take off your masks to look directly into your own eyes and ask…

“How do I want to evolve into a well ancestor?”

Then do that thing today. Right now. As your sacred task.

From there, you’ll be so grateful to spend a week with your family and be the one you were hoping for all along.