Modalities and Methods

When you engage in a support process with me, I have a number of modalities and tools I apply according to your needs and my intuitive sensibilities for what may serve you.

Below is an overview of some of the primary modalities in my toolbox, and what you may expect from each. Typically I integrate more than a single modality within a session. 

Energy Work

Energy is information that can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be changed. This is a fundamental and universal principle that I operate from. We are not attempting to destroy any part of you, nor create something that doesn’t already exist as potential. What we will do is change the type of information that has been held inside your physical body, your mind and emotions, and the greater fields of energy encompassing the dense material of your body vehicle. In doing so, we can unblock interference, shift and balance polarities, and bring in quantum Source waves to support your healing and development.

In energy work, subtle information such as light and vibration are the foundation for changes in the gross/physical layers of reality. 

Personal energy centers and energy channels may be engaged for specific psychological or physiological information, while non-personal energy forms may support quantum level change. In fact, many shamans and traditional healers utilize energy in their ceremonies — songs and vocal toning, the elements (fire, earth, water, air), and the unique light provided by plant and fungi consciousness are amplified within a collective field to bring about healing.

Some methods will require active participation and others are more passive. The intent is to help you bypass the ordinary mental pathways to access vast resources, clear past experiences, develop agency, and balance the self into a harmonic vibration that is compatible and aligned with higher self-development. Specific methods could include: Four Pathways Energy Healing, Bioenergetics, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and Intuitive Energy Readings / Clearing. 

Embodiment, Somatics & Breathwork

Whatever happens in and to your body has an effect on your energetic-emotional-mental state. Orienting to this body-to-mind pathway is referred to as “bottom-up” processing of experience.  Whatever happens in your mind, of course, also has effect on your emotional-energetic-physical state. Orienting to this mind-to-body pathway is referred to as “top-down” processing of experience. 

Through embodiment and somatics, we engage your body awareness, breath, movement, posture/gesture, sensory perception, and felt sense to experientially hone in on the descriptive truth of the present moment. You’ll be asked to slow things down and bring mindful awareness to your experience, accurately describe what occurs, and respond to what is revealed rather than sourcing from mentally rehearsed narratives or habits. In doing so, interpretations can be deconstructed into new information and the subconscious mind-body complex has space to become foreground. 

Non-verbal communication and spaciousness is an important characteristic permitting subtle information to arise as expanded awareness is invoked. Keeping language simple and descriptive generally provides the best canvas for this format to emerge upon, which minimizes the story-telling tendencies of mental-emotional patterns. Furthermore, allowing the body to “speak” promotes improved listening and discernment to what is actually coherent and true for you in any given moment, unfettered by outside preferences. 

Stress and trauma often impact the function and structure of the central, autonomic, and somatic nervous systems, with direct implications to daily life functioning. Dysfunctional states or patterns can become locked into the body and nervous system, and can be altered through neural-plasticity with repetition. Experiential techniques that may be used to impact trauma held in the nervous system includes: breathwork, resourcing, pendulation between and movement through various nervous systems states, following autonomic nervous system responses towards resolution. Through such methods, it is anticipated that implicit body memories and events will begin to hold less charge and clients have increased distress tolerance and capacity for daily life challenges.

Through embodiment, it is possible for you to expand narrowed tendencies, practice resilience in the face of challenge, have greater discernment between thought-based states and genuine inner alignment, and make choices that are reflective of what you KNOW to do rather than what you or others think you SHOULD do.    

Embodiment is a way of being… a full-body presence in which your body, energy, and emotions are well-integrated and aligned with your rational mental understanding of information. It is an integrated stage, making genuine embodiment a higher-order level of development that both dismantles and synthesizes previous and present lived experience. 

Therapeutic Touch, Bodywork, and Hands-On Healing

Therapeutic touch can be adapted and utilized in a number of ways beyond a massage and bodywork frame. Touch techniques may be combined with dialogue or any other method which may prove beneficial.

Touch may be used to initiate mind-body processes with greater awareness and be instructive with regards to body and breath patterning. The intentions of such touch and bodywork could include: enhanced alertness, and grounding / anchoring of body parts, nurturing contact and holding with safety, promote a shift in nervous system states, prompt subconscious associations and feelings, relieve tension in the tissues and structures, encourage movement of fluids, promote homeostasis and/or elicit other psycho-somatic-emotional processes.

Touch-based therapies typically provide close proximity to the body, direct contact with the body, or mediated contact with the body through the use of props or other materials. Touch techniques may be combined with dialogue or any other method which may prove beneficial. Clients will remain clothed or draped per professional bodywork standards at all times. While touch can be highly impactful, it is not required and may be refused at any time. 

Expanded States of Consciousness and Intuitive Development

Expanded states of consciousness are inherently a part of therapeutics which are not mentally oriented. Via the methods of energy work and somatics, a different brainwave state is elicited which may surface implicit and subconscious material while promoting healing and integration. Specific techniques to invoke non-ordinary states of consciousness may be used to help the client access information that is not rational, linear, or concrete in nature.

Guided meditations / visualizations, breathwork, and other mind-body practices may be offered. Personal and transpersonal themes, spiritual and archetypal realms, and various forms of spiritual emergence may be explored in a non-pathologizing manner and invited through the lens of both objective science and subjective experience that expands beyond factual evidence. Your individual spiritual and existential beliefs are prioritized, with guidance to support amplification of material along with meaning making of the information that is received.

Through a larger trajectory, we can begin to identify limiting thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that may hinder clean intuitive information from emerging. When you can begin to distinguish and own reactive patterns steeped in wounds, early programs, trauma, and dysfunction then you can more clearly discern the tone of wounded data from intuitive data. In doing so, you can move from sensory perception found in the body channel to extrasensory perception that expands into other realms of consciousness.

As one of my teachers Frances likes to say: “Your intuition is only as good as the quality of your thoughts.”

Shamanic and Nature-Based Practices

Shamanism is the path of direct revelation and nature-based practices have long been interwoven into daily community life, ritual and ceremony, traditional medicine and healing, and spiritual cosmologies. 

In our modern times, part of our dis-ease stems from a disconnection with the natural and supernatural worlds, cutting us off from beneficial forces that feed out capacities as humans living in harmony with the more-than-human world. 

Rites of passage and soul journeys, both often undertaken within a communal context, were commonplace occurrences that enables an innate demarcation of holy transitions between life stages that celebrate the death/rebirth cycle as necessary and instructive to healthy individual and communal functioning.

Engagement with the spirit world and expanded states of consciousness through nature immersions, drumming and dancing, Dreamtime tracking, mythopoetic creative expression and enactments, shamanic journeys, vision quests and the like are all expressions of shamanic practice. Additionally, animal totems and the medicine wheel are central aspects to shamanic practices which move with seasonal changes in our inner and outer landscape.

Entheogenic mushrooms and plants may also play a role, when appropriate, to invoke shamanic consciousness and bring information back to integrate into everyday consciousness. 

Psychedelic Preparation and Integration

This can be provided as a 1:1 individualized service and may be especially helpful for those who are brand-new or have existing experience with microdosing mushrooms. 

However, my greatest suggestion (which is also a more affordable option) is to evaluate my online immersion program “The Art of Self-Guided Journeys” which provides a lot of robust information steeped in varied modalities which are applied to the mushroom journey process. Options for standalone self-paced content or to join a group cohort for learning and practice.