My Somatic-Spiritual Awakening.

Want to know more of my story? Listen in on this discussion about my path of spiritual awakening through the body, somatic practice, and psychedelic medicines.

Why I let go of psychotherapy.

Some call it courageous. Nicole believes it was inevitable. Listen to how and why I gave up the practice of psychotherapy.

So you want to be a facilitator?

The work of a psychedelic guide could seem seductive, but what does it really take? Hear my brief suggestion for would-be facilitators.

Soma + Psyche: A Psychedelic Love Story

Tune in for this interactive presentation with Nicole Lilly, led live in July 2022 at a public event for Psychedelic Club of Denver. She taps into the role of the Body and Soul in living out mythopoetic identities revealed through psychedelic and expanded states of consciousness.

Touch in Psychedelic Care

Listen in as Nicole Lilly, later joined by colleague Reilly Capps, discusses some of the nuances and considerations in the use of touch in psychedelic care, how that intersects with love, and our relationship to power. Presented live in Boulder at The Nowak Society, June 2022. 

Entheogenic Crossroads: Promises, Pitfalls, and Possibilities. 

What are some of the unspoken and hidden considerations currently, as Colorado and other states consider decriminalization and/or regulated access models for natural plant medicines? Nicole Lilly shares with a live audience on stage in Denver at The Nowak Society, April 2022. 

Nowak Research Team: Community Psilocybin Practitioners Study

For several months in 2021, members of the Nowak Society set out on a qualitative research project to investigate experiences and perspectives of Colorado community practitioners incorporating psilocybin mushrooms into their work with clients. Listen to the team recap key findings, presented live in Denver in August 2021.