These are some of the questions I receive regarding my services. Read through these FAQs before your consultation so we can focus on your specific needs and situation to make the most of our time together. 

Are you available for general coaching, guidance, and mentorship?

Yes, I provide remote online sessions to you from anywhere in the world.

My specialty centers on supporting you through somatics and embodiment, energetics and energy healing, transpersonal and spiritual development, and consciousness development through depth and personal psychology.

In addition to support for healing, life transitions, and psychedelic mushroom experiences I also provide mentorship and oversight to other Healing Artists and Guides on a limited basis.

I have no experience with psychedelics or mushrooms, where should I start?

There are many newcomers (or renewed comers) to the potential of mushrooms for healing, personal growth, inspiration, and spiritual development.

First, take an honest assessment of your motivations and intentions for engaging with mushrooms, along with a thorough examination of expectations you have. It is very important to understand that botanical allies are adaptogenic and they are functionally and structurally different from pharmaceutical medications.

Earth allies are inherently a remedy for the soul, and they do not oblige personal preference for healing and growth at this level.

I offer an Introductory Shamanic Journey Series and Multi-Session Shamanic Journey Series which are both great options to help you move through the process from start to finish.

Once you have come to a solid intention for engaging with these special mushroom teachers, microdosing is a safe and effective place to start.

Whether you are new to magic mushrooms, you have been on a long hiatus from mushrooms or psychedelics, or you primarily have casual experience it can be helpful to adopt a beginner's mind with microdosing.

I recommend starting with microdosing for the first month, to introduce your system to an intentional mushroom microdosing ritual while you calibrate your mind, body, and nervous system to the dosage levels and protocols that are appropriate for your unique constitution and lifestyle needs.

I support clients in their mushroom microdosing process as they decide how best to move forward with low, mid, or high-level self-guided or guided shamanic journeys with the aid of sacred mushrooms.

Taking a mindful approach to microdosing and pairing it with other complimentary practices can improve the benefits and optimize the window of neuroplasticity offered by psychedelic mushrooms.

I have had casual experiences with mushrooms, how would guided sessions benefit me?

A guided session series with sacred mushrooms is centered upon your growth and development through a inwardly focused process that can activate and amplify your healing, spiritual connection, and human potential.

While recreational experiences often provide a connection with the outer environment and relationship (e.g. camping with friends, live music, etc.), these settings are not so conducive to diving into the deep psyche, processing blocked trauma and stress, engaging in ancestral healing work, or connecting with divine guidance.

The guided sessions series I provide are process-focused. Should you choose of your own free-will to include mushrooms in your session, these are understood to be allies within a larger life journey being undertaken. The mushrooms have a supportive role rather than having the mushroom experience take center stage.

I do believe that self-guided sessions are a useful component to any longer-term mushroom journeywork process, and I also offer a course for getting the most out of self-guided. Embodied Journey Foundations: The Art of Self-Guided Journeys.

Yet, for anyone who is a serious seeker on the path to awakening, or for those involved professionally in the psychedelic field, a skillful Guide can offer reflection and illumination in a way that may be out of reach on your own.

Personally, I ascribe to a self-guided method with deep dives with my personal Guide and mentor. This is an ideal combination for the greatest progress.

Where do in-person sessions take place?

Presently, I offer a hybrid of online (for preparation and integration) and in-person sessions to accomodate clients living throughout Colorado and beyond.

Half day and Full day sessions are conducted in your home or location of your choosing within and I travel to you (travel costs may be extra). This allows you to remain comfortable and undisturbed by transportation following your session, and it also involves you in the preparation of your ceremonial set/setting in a manner which is generally more conducive to being well-prepared. We will discuss how to create an optimal set and setting in our preparation meetings.

If you live outside of Colorado, we can do an intensive session series rather than having it spread out. This is supplemented with remote sessions.

Travel outside of Colorado can be discussed as an option, if you would prefer I travel to you.

Do you offer remote sessions? Can you still guide me at a distance if I use mushrooms?

Yes! I offer remote and hybrid in-person options.

I can fully support you at a distance for general coaching, guidance, and mentorship as well as preparation and integration for your mushroom journey.

Additionally, I can help you set up successful self-guided sessions with mushrooms and be available at any point during your designated day for support and processing.

I also have a course available, Embodied Journey Foundations: The Art of Self-Guided Journeys, that is a great blend of online learning and guidance. More options for this course will be available soon through my learning and inspiration platform, The Luminous Guide.

Do you provide mushrooms for sessions?

I do not provide mushrooms for sessions.

As a point of personal sovereignty, I provide clients with information on procuring the best supplies to cultivate your own mushrooms through a fail-proof method at home.

Living mushrooms that you grow yourself provide a very special connection to your process that is unmatched.

People are often astonished by watching their mushroom spirit friends move through their various phases of life, which mirrors their own process.

By growing your own mushrooms (and entering into a sacramental relationship with them while they are full of life vitality vs. dried) I believe this is the most respectful and spirit-full approach available.

Can I just have a guided mushroom session with you? I don’t want prep or integration.

No, I do not offer standalone tripsitter or psychedelic facilitation services, which are primarily centered on psychedelic harm reduction rather than guiding you through a process of healing, personal growth, and spiritual development that a well-prepared Guide can offer.

As a professional in the Healing and Spiritual Arts for over 12 years — including 4.5 years providing guidance, support, and consultation for entheogenic experiences — I provide a full-suite of guidance and materials to prepare you during our time together, along with a curated ceremonial container for your experiences, and meaningful integration.

This suite of services includes:

  • Preparation sessions to lay a solid foundation in body, mind, heart, and spirit so that you have the best possible experience. You will have an opportunity to examine yourself and set intentions through a multi-reflective lens with a highly trained and experienced practitioner.
  • A Therapeutic Ceremonial container where you will have an opportunity to be guided in various capacities to continue deepening into your navigation skills to journey through your inner experience and spiritual terrain.
  • Integration sessions to review your progress, establish new values and goals based on insights, and make meaning for the direction you will take from both a practical everyday and spiritual perspective.

In general, tripsitters and facilitators lack the breadth and depth of experience to provide you with this high-level of coaching and guidance.

What is your experience with trauma? Do you provide mental health treatment?

My work is trauma-informed in both structural design of the individual sessions and the intentional progression through the session series.

In addition to holding a Masters in Body Psychotherapy, I have completed thorough trauma training and previously worked and trained as a trauma-therapist in a Ketamine-assisted therapy clinic.

However, my services are not mental health treatment and I am not a licensed mental health or other healthcare/medical professional.

Mental healthcare is centered in western psychological concepts which generally follows a narrow scope of practice.

The spiritual, energetic, and physical dimensions are largely excluded from mental healthcare, and limited attention may be given to social-environmental conditions that contribute to wellness and dis-ease.

I operate from a holistic lens rather than the diagnostic / pathology orientation found within clinical and mental health practices.

By taking a holistic view of you as a person — body, mind, heart, spirit — sessions are customized to draw from many modalities and perspectives that are specific to your presenting needs, challenges, background, and intentions.

This means that we get underneath any mental health diagnosis and labels you may have acquired.

We will examine patterns of experience that are sabotaging your highest potential, develop your strengths, and probe into energetic, thought, and emotional patterns that have developed in your psyche that are ripe for transformation.

If you have one of the following mental health diagnoses, mushrooms and other psychedelics are typically not advisable: Schizophrenia and Psychotic Disorder. Bipolar can be examined on a case-by-case basis.

The services I provide are NOT suitable for acute or crisis mental health situations, nor for those who are actively undergoing medication changes.

Do you work with people who are taking anti-depressants or other medications?

If you are seeking preparation or integration, it is important to identify the medications you are taking as part of your overall wellness support plan. Medications would generally not prevent us from engaging in general mentorship and guidance.

Before beginning any type of microdosing or mushroom-assisted sessions, I suggest that you evaluate your medication strategy and consult with your provider to consider tapering off antidepressants.

It is not within my scope of practice to specifically advise you on medications or tapering strategies. This is best handled by a healthcare provider or pharmacist.

In general, people who have been prescribed low-mid range doses of antidepressants for general depression-anxiety may derive the most benefit by eliminating these medications before or during mushroom microdosing. Some research suggests to be anti-depressant free for six weeks prior to a full psychedelic level session with psilocybin mushrooms.

If you have a significant co-occurring issue — such as alcohol abuse, eating disorder, pain syndrome, or significant trauma history that would make tapering off too difficult — you could discuss lowering the dosage rather than terminating altogether.

Generally, combining lower doses of anti-depressants and mushrooms has not found to be harmful. However, anti-depressants can significantly blunt or block the effects of mushrooms, and therefore their full potential may not be derived for those who choose to remain on these medications.

I believe it is ideal to re-examine your relationship to medications and the label of depression or anxiety you have acquired as you consider incorporating mushrooms as a therapeutic tool.

Psychological diagnostic labels are a cluster of symptoms — when we partner together we examine these presenting symptoms through a non-medical and non-pathological lens as you work with and through these patterns of energy.

Other medications could be contraindicated entirely — anyone who has a persistent regimen taking the following pharmaceuticals within the past 6 months will likely not be considered a candidate: Lithium, Lamotrigine, Tramadol, Benzodiazapines.

Do you offer guidance for other substances like Ketamine, MDMA, or LSD?

Presently, my primary focus is on serving clients who are embarking on their healing and growth journey with the assistance of natural psilocybin mushrooms.

While there are other helpful synthetic substances being used therapeutically, I do not believe these are entheogens, which I view as special consciousness expanding fungi and plants gifted by Source via nature.

Both MDMA and LSD are illegal synthetic substances, and I neither advise nor support individuals pursuing these routes.

As a former Ketamine therapist, I am able to offer remote or in-person support (location dependent) before, during, or after your Ketamine treatment if you have been prescribed Ketamine for at-home-use.

Organizations such as Mindbloom, KetaMD, Field Trip Health, and similar providers have at-home programs that typically include a prescription mailed to your home, and includes a minimal amount of integration support.

Sublingual Ketamine can be an effective first-line treatment, especially when addressing symptoms of anxiety and traumatic stress. However, the quality of integration with a skilled and trusted Guide has the potential to improve results - especially if confronting relational trauma or distress.

It is common practice that integration sessions offered by Ketamine at-home programs are conducted remotely by professionals without psychotherapy training or experience. This could limit the level of skills and benefit these providers are able to deliver.

As such, it could be useful to hire a Ketamine-informed practitioner to assist you with getting the most out of the process.

Are there scholarships or sliding scale available?

As an independent practitioner, I do not have the ability to offer scholarships or sliding scale without creating hardship for myself.

I do offer different levels of support, which are competitively priced, and my packages are already offered at a lower rate than if you were paying hourly.

I encourage you to consider the financial commitment a part of your overall journey into your potential. We can start small and scale up as you have foundational resources available.

Additionally, please consider group offerings and online classes that I offer through The Luminous Guide.

These are designed to be more accessible in their price point via group support and learning.

In order to develop top-quality expertise in my field, I have invested well over six-figures in training, education, and operations. I have not yet met reciprocity for my own investment, so I cannot offer this in good faith to others.