Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde is an ally, not an enemy, when we understand and partner with its energy.

Mercury Retrograde often gets a bad rep. 

However, I’d like to challenge this perception by celebrating the opportunity that a Mercury Retrograde period can afford us.

Mercury retrograde is an ally, not an enemy, when we understand and partner with its energy. We can work with this energy in an intelligent manner, rather than halt activity, and give ourselves a boon!

This important period of “reverse energy” in the mental sphere offers an opportunity to look at our relationship to communication, the mind, and technology so we can do some energetic cleanup!

Here are a few ideas of how to engage this period and maximize the benefits.

1. Disengage from tech chatter. This is a prime period of time to examine your relationship to technology and step out of online groups, forums, social media, and other news or tech platforms that feel like a BRAIN DRAIN.

2. Relationship clean up. Has there been a misunderstanding or miscommunication with a friend or loved one in the past 4 months? Come clean and use non-violent communication to clear the static with this person, so you might repair the energetic tear in this relational field.

3. Body and Nature-centered practices. Mercurial energy is mental – its nature is quick, sharp-witted, and can be a bit ungrounded. Give your mind a rest by engaging in body-centered meditations in nature, or other body-based practices. Ground into the earth, or lean against a tree to help you drop deeper into your body. My upcoming Thai Massage & Cacao Circle is also and excellent option for a fun embodiment practice in community.

4. Discernment uplevel. When we quiet the external chatter, cleanup unfinished business, and drop into our bodies it is possible to gain more clarity. Use this prime time to refine your mind and become more discerning in your actions once Mercury turns direct.

The amplified energy of Mercury retrograde offers a super-charged opportunity to engage in the above practices… the planetary energy can accelerate your personal efforts. Take it one step at a time, and then engage in a fire ritual once Mercury gets their head turned back around. This is perfectly timed with Imbolc on the year of the wheel, the midpoint between winter and spring.

The planetary energy can accelerate your personal efforts.