In-Person Shamanic Healing Immersions

Transmute the roots of your challenges into body-heart-mind coherence through the power of Shamanic Healing.

(available in Greater Asheville, North Carolina and surrounding areas)

Are you looking to go deeper into your healing or transformation journey than coaching, therapy, or online sessions can take you?

Perhaps there’s a felt-sense of a block in your body, heart, mind, or spirit that you can’t quite put your finger on.

It could be a trauma from the past, that you’ve addressed, hasn’t fully cleared or integrated.

Maybe you’ve been getting in your own way with what you say you want, yet you can’t quite seem to get be aligned. 

Talking it out just isn’t taking you much of anywhere other than the same spin in different costume.

Shapeshift your reality from ordinary to extra-ordinary.

Transcend space and time in order to go deeper into the recesses of your being, where you can retrieve jewels of learning from your Soul.

These experiential Shamanic Healing sessions are customized uniquely for your needs and where you are in your journey. No two immersive sessions will be the same, and each one will take you further into the spiral of transformation. 

You will initiate an online intake process prior to your immersive session so I can attune to guidance for crafting personal magic for you. During our intake, you will be provided with instructions for creating sacred space in your home, or other location of choice, where the session will take place.

On the day of your session, I will arrive with everything we will need. 

You will receive the activations and healings provided, and also actively participate in the process to help integrate what arises. 

Multiple sessions may be indicated to achieve the greatest results. Individual needs and results vary — it is important to keep top of heart that the process and outcomes often differ from how our ordinary mind conceives of them. 

These sessions are channeled through me from Source Love, to You with the highest intentions for your transformation and wellbeing. 

Your breath and body hold keys to transmute outdated beliefs and experiences held in the subconscious and collective unconscious.

These realms are only accessible through extra-ordinary states that take you beyond these limitations – this is also known as “shamanic consciousness”.

A combination of modalities may be woven into your immersive session


Shamanic Journey

Sound Healing

Micro Botanicals

Soma-Sensory Process




Creative Arts

Emotional Healing

Shadow/Light Work

Elemental Nature Therapy

Who is this for?

  • You want to make more progress in a shorter timeframe through an immersive process.
  • Called to methods beyond the Therapy and Coaching to include Energy and Spirit.
  • Ready and willing to step into the unknown and be guided into terrain that could be uncomfortable and beautiful.
  • Craving in-person and hands-on experiential processing that is intimately and safely held.
  • Ready to take courageous action steps in your life aligned with the insights you receive.
  • Desire a mature and seasoned Guide who can understand the life journey from many facets of experience.
  • Recognize the life journey as an organically unfolding process and willing to commit to your growth beyond this immersion.

What can you expect?

  • Transformational methods that weave powerful shamanic, psycho-spiritual, somatic, and creative processes synergistically.
  • Step outside of your ordinary frame of mind, let go into a guided process, and surrender to whatever wants to come forward for your benefit.
  • Amplification of any challenges or solutions that demand your attention, be they viewed as positive or negative.
  • Recommendations to follow your session to help you ground and integrate.
  • Healthy snacks and beverages to integrate and complete your immersion.
  • Recorded mp3 audio of any parts of the session you wish to have available.

Shamanic Healing Immersions are typically a Half-Day or Full-Day

Additional Sessions May Be Suggested

Start with a Vision Session

Get straight to the heart with an initial 60-minutes Vision Session including an intake questionnaire. This is required to hone in on your specific needs and curate the immersive session.

Receive an Orientation Packet

Following our Vision Session you will receive an Orientation Packet with important information about how to prepare for your session, including the preparation of sacred space.

Experience Your Immersive Session

Select from a Half-Day (~4-hours) or Full-Day (~8-hours) Immersion. Overnight/Multi-Day Sessions are also available, please inquire. I will travel to meet you at the agreed upon location.

Online Vision Session $222

+ Half-Day Immersion Sliding Scale $500-$900

+ Full-Day Immersion Sliding Scale $1,000-$1,600

(Note: If it doesn’t feel like a good fit following the initial Vision Session, there is no obligation for either of us to move forward. Please note that the immersive session is not intended for a casual entheogenic ceremony — that spiritual/religious rite is reserved for committed patrons.)

White Owl

Add 3-Months of Embodied Intuitive & Spiritual Guidance

Shamanic Healing Immersive Sessions are very powerful in what they can provide in a short amount of time. Yet, it is often tremendously helpful to receive support before and/or after to recalibrate yourself to a renewed way of being with someone who can amplify you in your Essence.

Learn More about weaving in Embodied Intuitive & Spiritual Guidance

Happy Clients

“Nicole, you’ve been there for me through it all. You help me lose my mind, find it, and then lose it again. You’re a warrior, a goddess, and you are a true friend in the greatest sense of the word. Thank you for sharing your Self with me.”