Ketamine-Assisted Integrative Therapy

Somatic Hands-On Therapy using sublingual Ketamine in Denver, Colorado.
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ketamine therapy is like altering your dreams

Imagine shifting into a subtle, lucid dream state where you are both actor and observer. 

This dream holds keys to your waking life, your everyday reality. 

As a trusted guide, I am present to hold you and help you move blocks to your life force. Trapped energy.

Your hand. Your head. Your heart. Whatever needs to be held and moved. We feel and shift it, together. 

In this dream, you unlock hidden passages of your body and psyche. 

The dreamy passages offer memories, images, emotions, and sensations that hold information. Energy shifts in your body. 

Your dive deeply into your Self for healing resolution. 

I am there to help you resolve underlying stressors, explore parts of your personal mythology, and step into your life with purpose. 

When you awaken, you feel changed at the cellular level. Inspired. 

You know it is possible to walk through the world healed, held, whole.


ketamine + somatic therapy = lasting benefits

There are some beautiful results people are receiving from Ketamine. 

Ketamine-Assisted Therapies are proving beneficial to bring resolution to symptoms of post-traumatic stress, addiction, and recurring depression, according to research. 

As a standalone medicine, Ketamine provides biological benefits. In particular it enhances neuroplasticity (the ability for the brain and nervous system to rewire itself).

When an active therapeutic process is applied, such as the integrative somatic (body) focused therapy I practice, a synergistic effect is gained.

Some of the lasting benefits I have witnessed in clients I work with include:

  • Reduction in anxiety, panic, and depressive states
  • Enhanced resilience and more energy
  • Improved relationship with one’s body
  • Ability to navigate one’s felt sense and trust Inner Guidance
  • Re-organization of nervous system patterns 
  • Release of trapped physical, emotional, and mental energy
  • Integration of fragmented and traumatized parts
  • Greater insight and restored sense of wholeness
  • Shift in outdated beliefs and limitations
  • Renewed understanding of the world spiritually and metaphysically
  • Improvements that happen in weeks, not years

The radical re-orientations that emerge during Ketamine-Asssisted sessions are followed up with Integration sessions to help follow these impulses into a new way of being. 

Each person enters this work with a unique blueprint.

Over my hundreds of hours offering medicine-assisted therapy, I have learned to work with a variety of issues and presentations, taking an individualized approach with clients.

Choosing a therapist who has experience working in a variety of altered states, and with medicine-assisted therapy work specifically, is essential to effectively meet you where you are and lead you to your own inner healing capacities.

~ Nicole Lilly, MA, RP, LMT, RSMT

here’s how we work together


Schedule a no-cost KAIT Video Consultation with Nicole to receive more information and determine if it’s a good fit.


Begin with Intake and Preparation Sessions before starting therapy with Ketamine (through video or in person).


Attend an appointment with the partner Medical Provider to receive your Ketamine prescription.


Attend a series of Ketamine-Assisted Integrative Therapy (KAIT) sessions in person with Nicole


Anchor your experience through one or more Integration Sessions following KAIT sessions.


Apply to your life and continue with additional KAIT sessions as needed. 

Could Ketamine-Assisted Integrative Therapy Be Right for You?

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